We develop and refine business processes to be simple, clear, and consistently applied throughout your organization. We align your processes with your strategic goals so that every activity provides meaningful value and supports optimal performance. Our Project Management consultants collaboratively lead Business Process Management (BPM) initiatives from start to finish – characterizing the current state process, identifying gaps and opportunities to improve efficiencies, redesigning and creating a “to be” state, and implementing the new process. This helps our clients establish a deep understanding of their business processes and controls in order to optimize quality, safety, throughput, and cost management.

We approach your project with a critical eye and apply our extensive experience and knowledge of continuous improvement methodologies, which include Lean, Six Sigma, and other analytical tools. We incorporate essential change management approaches to ensure critical stakeholder buy-in and, therefore, sustainable application. Our experience in Project Management has proven that optimized processes require thoughtful integration to deliver value and strengthen your company’s bottom line.

Manosi Ventures Projects portfolio include:

  • Business Process Improvements and Integration
  • Audio-Visual Systems Support
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Roads and Civil Engineering
  • Construction and Infrastructure improvements
  • Hydrology & Water Resources Management
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • New Product development

Please have a look at some of our projects: