Our business model is seamless and dynamic. Our products support our processes to assure our customer a flexible, efficient and cost-effective experience. We focus on the customer and our interactions allows for an exciting learning experience both for our customers and for ourselves. 
Our framework is defined by five distinct steps integrating our six supply chain management products. 

  1. Product Sourcing
  2. Product Financing
  3. Product Storage
  4. Inland Freight
  5. Reverse Logistics
  6. Insurance

Other down-line services include:

  • Business Greening (Sustainability)
  • Product customization & testing
  • Vendor compliance
  • Kitting, sequencing & line-side delivery
  • Bundling/ un-bundling
  • Light assembly
  • Packaging, re-packaging, re-boxing
  • Labeling and Branding
  • Reverse logistics and returns management
  • Inventory management
  • Material supply management
  • ECO Inspection
  • Environmental impact reporting & management